lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009


This is a letter without sender,
an incomplete phrase, the beguining of the piece.
You everywhere. My dream and nightmare.

You read me like a book left behind,
resurrected by you at end of its time.
No one ever could touch my words
and take some away for his diversion.

Now it's me who wants to read you,
in the deepest part of your system.
I have found my match, at last,
and after all this time, the clues lead me to you.

The door is wide open for you to come in,
to talk to my nightmares and sing them to me,
like we used to when we were young in this matters
and we dreamt wisdom and fairytales

I'm not asking you not to leave me,
the numbers are on my side,
you never leave, you stay all over me,
even when you are not here,
even after you say bye.

I will just stay here, my arms closed
till your words come back
to tell me all the stories that I know,
because you have told them to me before,
with my head in your hands,
laughing as always.

Just Jo

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