martes, 31 de julio de 2007


There's a few words to say when your heart is beating so slow.
My mind questions my soul and nobody answers.
My feet don´t want to walk this alley anymore,
because the pain is vanished from my world... only guilt remains.

The dark figure in the mirror is my sadness leaving me,
questioning my latest commitments with the part of my history that is still my present,
my everything, my sorrow, my morrow.

Only this name awakes me to my duties
the one reason for my dispeakable madness and my only joy.
Can a pointless mind feel any love?
Can a tortured body remembers the kiss and the hug of those who now are looking for her?

Emptyness is the answer for every laughter and tear,
No wonder why all the people of this world leaves,
but one,
the true master of this purple soul... you, my heartkeeper, my hangman.


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