sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Me and You

Two steps forward, one step back.
I'm feeling like a random clock, with all its pieces in dissorder.
Feelin' free for the first time, in the border,
hanging on the string of light untill it cracks.

And it is all because of me,
my simple little me.
Not anyone can deny that it is me my inspiration.

Just when I tried to again feel for someone
the world spoke and my Me preveiled.
Only I can offer myself this kind of eternal love I'm searching.
Just me and my silly kind of love pumps my heart.

Finally I am free from the other coffins.
So please, if you want to love me
reconsider or just remember that I love me more than you or another.
but don't forget that I can love you well...
you have seen it.

It is just an act of trust without prejudices
a light we didn't turn on,
I can not promess anything, and I will not,
but I know I am good at what I desire
and maybe I could be good at loving you.

Just Jo

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