lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2007


I remember my pillow, its full of words:
dispare, tenderness, tears, fears, love
all put together in the same old feathers.

Now it's only me resting in it,
remembering what was like to be pacient, to be weak and inocent.
Those times have past,
and my brain keeps quiet,
like this room, like my shaking body.

Because, somehow, your voice awake my soul
from a hell made by me in the early times.
But, unfortunately, we're not ready yet
for what happiness so kindly create for us.

Should I forget everything, like I did before?
the war between heaven and hell has just begun,
as said by the wize ones, those who rules my decisions.

I've already iniciate my transformation,
and darkness welcomes me with a renewed enthusiasm
Shall I welcome it back?
If it comes for the last remains of my fears is too late.
I have no fear anymore, just emptiness is here for me.

I'll wait a little longer,
there's no hurry to become night again.
It is always in me keeping me for loving
like I did when I believed, and hoped.

Still, I'm sitting in my pillow
and my body doesn't stop to shake.


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